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Hydrolats (also known as Hydrosols, Floral or Flower Waters) are the waters collected when plants are steam-distilled to extract their essential oils. Their therapeutic properties are similar to the essential oils from which they are derived, as the distilled water contains small amounts of essential oil. They also contain many other water soluble elements from the plant, which have additional therapeutic properties that are not present in the essential oil itself. Hydrolats/Hydrosols are ideal for naturally therapeutic skincare. They can be used for gentle, cleansing and toning and can easily be blended with creams, lotions, aloe vera gels and clays to make your own bespoke skincare treatments. They are particularly effective for treating skin conditions where a non-oily product is required. Hydrolats can also be used as an alternative to essential oils when a more gentle form of aromatherapy is indicated i.e. for children, the very elderly or for the sick.

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