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Rose Otto Hydrolat

Product Code: HY-R01
Rose Hydrolat has an exquisite fragrance which is renowned for its relaxing, calming, uplifting effects. It is widely used in skincare to tone, nourish and hydrate the skin. Suits all skin types particularly dry, sensitive, irritated or mature skin.
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Rose Water or Rose Hydrolat has been used for therapeutic beauty rituals since ancient times. It has an exquisite fragrance which is renowned for its relaxing, calming, uplifting effects.

Rose Water has a toning, nourishing, hydrating and soothing effect on the skin and can help to stimulate the skin’s regeneration process. It is suitable for all skin types but is particularly beneficial for dry, sensitive, damaged, irritated or mature skin. 

Our Rose Hydrolat is excellent for cleansing and toning and it can be blended with other creams, lotions, clays and cosmetic bases to produce a wide range of skincare treatments.

Rose Water has a mild sedative and anti-depressant effect and can be helpful in calming the nerves and reducing anxiety. It also has a balancing effect on the hormones and can be helpful during the menopause. Try adding 50mls of Rose Hydrolat to a relaxing bath or pop it in a bottle and use as a therapeutic body or room spray. 
Aqua, Rosa damascena

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Average Rating 5
Anonymous, Rated: 5
good product and nice price!
I love this product! It smells so good and works so well! The price is nice too! I also like the fast shipping.
Jingjing Wang, Rated: 5
Great for balancing color
I've been using this product for over 2 years, all from Base Formula. I use it both as a facial mask and as toner spray. For facial, I use the compressed paper masks and aloe seaweed gel every night. My face feels instantly brighter and softer after the mask. During they day, I spray the rose hydrolat to my face whenever I feel dry in the office and it works great!
Hui Qian, Rated: 5
Refreshing and relaxing
I usually use this hydrate together with the seaweed gel-the so called “sandwich” mask. What you do is apply the gel underneath a layer of mask soaked in hydrolat and rest for about 30-40 before wash it off. Very relaxing during summer time!
Anonymous, Rated: 5
smells like rose
i like this hydrolat, and i pour them into a spray bottle and bring it with me daily.
Anonymous, Rated: 5
nice product
suitable for any sensitive skin

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