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Chamomile Hydrolat

Product Code: HY-C01
Chamomile Hydrolat has a gentle, soothing, relaxing effect on mind and body. Ideal for soothing and calming dry, sensitive, irritated skin conditions. Extremely gentle and suitable for use with children and babies.
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Chamomile Hydrolat is renowned for its gentle, soothing, relaxing properties. It is suitable for all skin types particularly dry and sensitive skin. 

Chamomile’s gentle anti-inflammatory, antiseptic action is useful for calming, soothing and healing dry, flaky, itchy, irritated skin conditions and skin allergies such as eczema, where a non-oily base is preferred. It is also useful for soothing sore, tired eyes – simply apply the cool hydrolat to cotton wool pads and place these over the eyes for 10 minutes! 

It can be used in a cool compress on the forehead to help ease headaches and migraines and its calming, sedative properties make it ideal for use as a room or pillow spray to aid a restful night's sleep or to calm overactive children.

Chamomile Hydrolat is so gentle and mild that it is suitable for use with children and babies. Add up to 50mls to a baby bath to help calm irritated skin conditions such as nappy rash, eczema and heat rash. This will also help to calm the infant and help them sleep.
Aqua, Anthemis nobilis

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Anonymous, Rated: 5
Great value
My skin is very sensitive and gets irritated very easily. The Chamomile hydrolat helps to calm my skin and reduce redness. And it reduces puffiness around my eye area! It doesn't have the greatest scent though. But then the scent is not strong. I will definitely buy it again and again!
Anonymous, Rated: 5
Healing and soothing
Whenever my skin is irritated, I use Chamomile Hydrolat! It works great! I will continue to use it!

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