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Aloe Vera & Seaweed Gel
Customer Reviews - Average Rating 5

Anonymous, great product!!!

I just used this product few times with the rose water so far. I love it! I use it every night before bed. It is really good for my acne and I feel like my skin is drinking water!

Zijing Qin, Ginger

love it!

XUAN GAI, Great for Acne Prone Skin

I have used up two 500ml big jar of this. Along with their rose otto hydrolats. This combination is great for my acne prone skin, especially for summer time. Put Aloe Vera &Seaweed Gel as first layer, then covered with a sheet mask. For better result, use another layer of Aloe Vera & Seaweed Gel on top of the sheet mask as well. I love it! I can almost feel my skin drinking up all the good staffs!

Qiaoyang Ye, Good product!

I love this product. I usually use it with Lavender Hydrolat. Excellent for my acne skin.

Zilin Yuan, best mask for acne and blemish skin

I love this product sooooooooo much!
It is excellent for my acne skin. I have used it as a "sandwich" mask on my face,it has given me a wonderful result.The acne scar and blemish became lighter and lighter.
I use this product everynight.It's definitily a safe product you can use everyday.


I love this product! It is excellent for my dry skin and works quickly to give amazing results.

Anonymous, Part of my normal routine

I have been using the aloe & seaweed gel with floral water for a couple of years. I normally keep the gel in the fridge, which gives comfortable and cooling feeling, extremely enjoyable especially in the summer. Highly recommend.

Hui Qian, Works best for the summer heat!

I usually use this gel together with the rose hydrolat-the so called “sandwich” mask. What you do is apply the gel underneath a layer of mask soaked in hydrolat and rest for about 30-40 before wash it off. Very relaxing during summer time!

Anonymous, fantastic mask

A cooling gel mask that hydrates and tones!I and my friends like it very much!

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