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Compressed Face Mask Towels (pack of 10)

Product Code: CMFT-10
100% knitted cotton Face Mask Towels that are compressed into a handy, tablet form. Soak the tablet in a hydrolat/floral water or another skin nourishing liquid and watch it expand into a face shaped towel
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If you'd like to enjoy a cheap yet extremely effective face mask at home, try our Compressed Facial Mask Towels. These 100% knitted cotton towels are compressed into a convenient tablet form that comes individually sealed in its own plastic pod. Simply pour your chosen hydrolat into the plastic pod and wait for your towel to expand. Then simply place the towel over your face and relax for 10-15 minutes. The mask will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and revitalized.

For extra hydration you also apply a thick layer of Aloe Vera Gel to your face before applying the towel.

Please note that our Face Mask Towels are made in China and that they are stocked by Base Formula due to popular demand!

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