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Frequently Asked Questions

I am confused as to which website I should be using or

We only offer a small range of products on the US site, however these can be shipped at the USPS domestic rate (or USPS International rate for Canada). You should use in order to take advantage of domestic shipping rates.

All other products are available on for shipment direct from the UK with international carriage charges applied.

If you wish to do this then you will need to set up accounts on both websites and place 2 individual orders. One of which will be shipped from the US and the other from the UK.

If you are ordering products for delivery outside of the US or Canada then you should use

Can I order products from the UK as well as products from the US site?

You cannot order UK products via this website. You will need to place a separate order via as outlined above.

Why are the products more expensive on the US site?

The prices are higher on our US site because they include shipping to the US and our order fulfilment charges. Our calculations suggest however that the average cart should be around 20% cheaper for US orders including shipping.

The savings to Canada will not be as high as you will still have to pay for international carriage from the US. Depending on what you want to order it may be worth comparing prices on both of our sites.

I don't live in the US myself but am sending a gift to a friend in the US/Canada. Can I use the US website?

Yes. The US site can be used for any orders for delivery within the US or Canada but you will need to have a US or Canadian address to use when registering for an account. Our website will not allow you to set up an account without a US or Canadian address.

Which areas are covered within the US?

Orders placed on the US site can be shipped anywhere in the US or Canada.

How long after placing my order will I receive the goods?

Your goods should arrive on average within 5- 10  working days from receipt of order (depending on location).

Can I talk to anyone at Base Formula about my order or your products?

Our customer service is run from the UK so it may be difficult for us to receive calls due to the time difference.  We will endeavour to resolve any issues and queries as quickly as we can.  Email will be the easiest way to contact us in the first instance and if you would like to speak to someone we can arrange a convenient time to do so.

Can I return goods for a refund?

If you receive faulty goods or wish to return an item please email us. Items for return should then be sent to:-

Base Formula Ltd
C/o  Coast to Coast Fulfilment 
773 Victory Highway
West Greenwich
RI 02817 

For more information please read our Terms and Conditions.

Will my order be insured whilst in transit?

Yes, we cover all orders for loss or breakage nationally and internationally. Please notify us within 3 days of any breakages or loss and we will either re-send the product or offer a refund. If the parcel is damaged on receipt we would ask that you sign for the order as ‘damaged'.

What is the life expectancy of my products?

All of our products contain a Period After Opening (PAO) symbol which shows how long the product will keep for once open. We recommend that our products are opened within 12 months of the date of purchase and that once open they are used within the time frame indicated on the PAO. The PAO symbol looks like an open jar with a number in the centre e.g. 12M means the product will keep for 12 months after opening.